Git Basics

Git is a complicated tool to use, if you don't use it on a very regular basis.

I prefer using Graphic interfaces that help a lot with git management like in Atom, but here is a recap of basic commands so I remember them when I need.

Git How-to

git add the.file
git commit -m "The message"
git push

Switch branch (option create)

git checkout branch_name
git checkout -b create_branch_name

When you create a new Rust project using Cargo it automatically initializes a local git repository.

To connect it with a remote repository follow the basic instructions :

cd existing_folder
git init //Skip if in a Rust project created with cargo, git is already initialized
git remote add origin <remote_repo_url>
git add . //required
git commit -m "Initial commit" //Feel free to change the message
git push -u origin master //This is what actually pushes.

You will be prompted for username and password of owner of the Git distant repository.

Atom has a built-in git feature that will automatically detect git repositories and has a useful GUI. To use it, your project root folder must be directly in the project tree manager. It cannot be in a sub-directory or Atom will not autodetect the git repository.

If you want to set all of your branches to automatically use this remote repo when you use git pull, add –set-upstream to the push:

git push --all --set-upstream origin 

The following is still under test and uncertain, but seems to have worked already. The commands are probably not optimized (i.e. git pull calls git fetch already so it may not be required, but this needs additional testing to clear out

When creating another branch, to have it appear in Atom run the following command :

git fetch origin

This will fetch all the data in the origin's repository, which should be your remote repo if everything is configured correctly.

Then run :

git pull origin <name-of-branch>

This should update the local repository to the current tip of the head from the branch you are pointing to.

If this does not work, maybe it is required to create the branch in atom with the “new branch” button with an identical name but I doubt so.

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