• 1 kts = 1,852 km/h

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  • The Plywood Site avec pleins d'infos sur le bois contre-plaqué et beaucoup de tutos et DIY
  • 3 AxisSite de partage de DXF pour machines numériques
  • MG Security and WiFi hacking
  • Pierre di Sciullo Graphiste faisant entre autres la com de La Colline. Travail intéressant autour de la typo
  • Fix it! If you can't fix it, you don't own it !
  • Small Tech : Founded by Aral Balkan and Laura Kalbag post 2018.

Smartphone devices

  • Sailfish OS on device Jolla Fully GNU-Linux based distribution on custom hardware


  • Scuttlebutt Decentralized protocol. Awesome doc, clean and clear.

Disques Durs

Web dev

  • HTML 5 Up Site de templates HTML5/CSS3 gratuits
  • Codrops Useful ressources CSS/HTML

Windows hacks & tips

  • Chaos Computer Club
  • Atari Punk Console
  • UTF-8 : Unified Text Format (8 bits)
  • Neom - Building 'The Line' city and other futuristic-city projects in Saudi Arabia

Unclog a shower tap

Soak a bag of beer over it for a few hours.

Clean a kettle or water boiler from scale

Put a few lemons and some coke in it then turn on the kettle.

Reveal germs

Put a piece of red tape and a piece of blue tape on a flash light.

Put a paper clip back in place

Dip it in hot water. No matter how it was unfolded it will come back to place. That is metal memory.

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