Whiskys Irlandais

Distillerie à Wicklllow.

glendalough_mizunara_13.jpg Note du distilleur
St Kevin, the man on our bottle, stood apart. This whiskey does the same.
Thirteen years in a bourbon barrel imparted a luxurious sweetness of honeycomb, dried apricots, citrus, and spices.
While the rare, Japanese Mizunara oak finish added a layer of creamy vanilla smoothness.


  • Degré : 46%
  • Note : Whisky bon en été/automne ou au printemps. Très iodée, plutôt marin. On sent bien les abricots. Une note très crémeuse et vanillée en arrière bouche. Assez épicé en bouche.
  • Août 2018

Distillerie à Dublin depuis 1805.

mitchell_green_spot.jpg Note du distilleur
Once almost extinct, this legendary whiskey is a rare taste of Pot Still Irish whiskey at its best. Matured in American bourbon and sherry casks this is a whiskey of immense flavour and complexity.
Nose : Fresh aromatic oils and spices with orchard fruits and barley on a background of toasted wood.
Taste : Full spicy body. A hint of cloves along with the fruity sweetness of green apples rounded off with toasted oak.
Finish : Lingering flavours of spices and barley.


  • Degré : 40%
  • Note : Whisky d'été. Légèrement tourbé, très fruité. Notes de pommes et d'abricot confits ? Légèrement crémeux en arrière bouche, mais pas de manière écoeurante. Whisky plutôt intérieur des terres, plaines vertes et arbres fruitiers.
  • Avril 2018

Since 1782.

Rum Casks

teeling-small-batch.jpg Note du distilleur
We are the first distillery to open in Dublin city for 125 years. Yet whiskey making flows through our family's veins. Over two centuries of it. It is our deep Dublin roots that give us confidence to do things differently. The Small Batch bottling consists of handselected casks of Bourbon cask aged Irish Whiskey which are given further maturation in ex-rum barrels imparting a unique dried fruit character. This is not how everyone makes Irish whiskey. It's our way.
Nose : An inviting nose where vanilla and spice dances with bright sweet notes of rum.
Taste : While being very approachable the influence of the rum cask and higher percentage alcohol creates a unique smooth, sweet, slightly woody marriage that sparkles on the tongue.
Finish : Slightly moorish, sweet spice finish complimented by woody undertones.


  • Degré : 46%
  • Note : Doux et vanillé au nez. Une attaque douce et un finish long, mélange d'épices et d'une douceur fruit sec & vanille.
  • Printemps 2024
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