Adobe Premiere Pro

Useful tips and tricks in Adobe Premiere Pro

There are several ways to sync audio, depending on what clips you have to work with.

If you have an internal cam mic to use as Reference Audio the easiest and fastest way is to select the external source and the reference source, right click and use the Synchronize option.

Alternatively, you can also Right click on the timeline and select the Show Audio Time Units to use sample rate to move clips around in the timeline instead of frames, which gives much more precision.

If you don't have a reference audio to work with, you can use claps to efficiently sync the audio, or if you don't have claps or sharp noises you can use trial and error by moving the audio around to get the best possible lip sync.

  • CTRL + ALT + X (personal remap) : Zoom to frame / Unzoom from frame (to previous zoom level)
  • CTRL + < (personal remap) : Zoom to sequence

Tip : Using the mouse on the pan bar of the timeline to move around is generally faster than scrolling with the mouse wheel.

  • CTRL + L : Link/Unlink selected
  • ALT + LEFT/RIGHT : Nudge clip 1 frame left/right on timeline
  • ALT + SHIFT + LEFT/RIGHT : Nudge clip 5 frames left/right on timeline
  • SHIFT + HOME : Set locator to beginning of selected clip
  • SHIFT + END : Set locator at end of selected clip
  • UP / DOWN : Move locator to beginning/end of next/previous/current clip
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