Basic Meteo Station

A basic station giving temperature and humidity using a DHT22 sensor and a 0.91 OLED display


Upgrades to implement

Sleep mode

Prototype 1

Designed to run on Attiny85 chip

Prototype 0

Basic Arduino UNO Code with Serial Coms

Prototype draws 3.2mA average and spikes at 4.5mA on an Arduino Uno with Serial Connection activated and lighting the screen 100% of the time and with no deep sleep implemented.

  • Build a lightweight version running an attiny with a pushbutton to display the data
  • Build a 3D casing for it
  • Check autonomy on a battery
  • Add an RTC for timestamping the data
  • Swap the UNO for an upgraded card with WiFi connectivity and upload the data to a server
  • Make graphs from uploaded data
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