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 ==== Filaments d'​impression ==== ==== Filaments d'​impression ====
   *[[materiaux:​PLA]] (PolyLactic Acid)   *[[materiaux:​PLA]] (PolyLactic Acid)
-  *[[materiaux:​ABS]] (Acrylonitrile ​butadiene styrene)+  *[[materiaux:​ABS]] (Acrylonitrile ​Butadiene Styrene) 
 +  *[[materiaux:​PETG]]
   *Ninja flex   *Ninja flex
   *PLA Phosphorescent   *PLA Phosphorescent
   *[[materiaux:​PolyMaker]]   *[[materiaux:​PolyMaker]]
 +If a spool of filament has taken humidity put it in the oven at 60°C for an hour or two to dehydrate it.
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